Long story short I had had pretty good luck up until now although this issue has been presenting for a while.  The yellowing leaves that look like nitrogen deficient to me.   Are they though.  Do I need to up my feed?  If so can someone give me the proper way to proportion this.  I was just kinda using their numbers and adding extra of the 3 base nute to up my ppm in similar ratios.

I was trying to go along with an aggressive feed as listed on the gh chart.  Using GH nutes  The ppms were not adding up though.    The thing would say so many ml per gal and I would put those and it would be hundreds of ppm under what it said it should be. Plant is lake tahoe  other is unknown the lake tahoe has the most yellow. Temps 75-80 day and 63-70 nights depending on temps outdoors (warm winter) and humidity 60-65 in general. 4x 250w quantum boards.

My water starts at about 80ppm to which I add. silica mad farmer around 20-25ml per 5 gal, calimagic approx 20-25ml per 5gal, micro- approx 50ml per 5 gal, grow approx 50-60 ml per 5 gal, bloom approx 70 ml per 5gal, koolbloom approx  8 ml per gal,florablend around 30ml per 5 gal/. if I used their numbers for ml per gal I end up with 400 ppm. I don’t do a couple things on the chart but my ppm came up to 820 or something last time and my runoff is approx 950.