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Hey there DGC!

The DGC is in the early stages of a fantastic pheno hunt for Nomad Grown. I was wondering how to approach the selection process? If a bean fails to pop, that’s easy to eliminate… Runts, easy… But what about later on in veg, ┬átransition, and flower, and especially when they all generally look the same? Do you take them all to flower, then pick the one(s) that give best quality and highest yields? Give us a how-to on pheno hunting!

I know the DGC will be posting up pics and using each other to judge the phenotypes, but just was wondering if there are specific things to look out for.

I couldn’t participate in the current hunt due to my situation, but you bet yer sweet Arse I’ll be popping beans once I get settled! However, i’m grabbing the popcorn and some good smoke and enjoying the show!