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What’s growing on DGC universe. Let me start and tell you guys how much I look forward to every show, I watch it religiously and I can not thank all of you guys for all the knowledge that I have gained by watching. With that being said I’m currently on my second and third grow I have 2 tents and one of them (my 5×5) I’m getting ready to flip I have 2 blueberry 2 1 pineapple chunk (Barney’s farm) and 2 Deep candy CBD (green house) I’m growing in soil 7gallin fabric pots I’m using a spiderfarmer SF7000 and I’m using Dr Earth’s Homegrown 4-6-3 and I’m planning on using Dr Earth’s Flower girl. So to my question FINALLY I’ve been looking into “bud booster” I’ve been leaning into purchasing incredible bulk. I was just wondering on how to use it? Do I use it with addition to my flower girl? Is it as good as the reviews say it is? Have any of you guys used it before? Is there a product that I should use instead? I hope to hear back from you guys keep on rocking these shows and I already told my wife and kids that I WILL be going to next show