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Hello, I am a big fan, from Alaska (growing 1 year). The last two years of my life consisted of me coming home and unwinding (midnight toker) to 3 or 4 podcast a night, sadly I have come to a end and I am all caught up!  Weekend warrior!! (20+) episodes on the weekends.

I only need water, good food, weed, And the DGC to live now days!!! Thank you for the hours and literally Days of enjoyment and knowledge!!!! My quick question is after I pollinate my lady. Can she go back into the tent? If so when and do I have to worry about the other lady’s .  Or should I isolate her for the rest of the grow?? Once again thank you the Dude!, Great Scott! And The Brain Mr. Guru. No  joke, you guys making people’s lives better out here thank you!! God bless!!

If it was never for me being stoned out of My mind at 3:00 a.m. on YouTube one day I never would have came across the dude grow show and I never would have started growing my own medicine and my life would not be as wonderful and as fulfilling as it is today thank you!!

I’ve only cried twice in my life once when my daughter was born once when  they canceled the A-Team.

I’m counting on  the DGC  lasting forever!!