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Hey guys!  I’m a PROUD new member of the DGC!  I’ve been a casual listener to the pod for about a year, but recently your growing advice started to really click in my brain and I suddenly became a huge fan of Grow Talk.  So much so that I exhausted all the episodes available through the podcast app and just began listening to your archive of Grow Talks starting with 2016.

I have to say after 8 years of growing on the down low here in North Cackalacky, Prohibition Land, it’s great to be able to nerd out with you guys and hear the details of what so many other growers are doing.  I have always really enjoyed growing as a hobby and having plenty of bud to share with friends, but it can be a lonely hobby and it totally sucks not to take credit for growing the Dank!  Your show has been a great outlet for me and has reinvigorated my passion for the growing.  Now I’d like to join the conversation and get a little feedback.

I’ve just upped my grow light game after my 5-year-old Blackdog U450 LED (which was once a miracle savior in allowing me to grow at higher temps) had been slowly dropping bulbs for the last several grows and after a really weak (5 oz) harvest last cycle, it had clearly reached end of life.

So I just cleaned up my space, gave the drywall a fresh coat of flat white and wired in the remote for my brand new Cali Lightworks SolarSystem 550 (400W at the wall).  This light is slightly overpowered for my space, but that was intentional, because my thinking is that the 3-channel spectrum and intensity controls should allow me to get higher leaf temperatures during veg without throwing in as much red spectrum and thus reducing stretch. (BS or Real Talk?)  Also this light should save some electricity during veg.

I’d like to get your help in maximizing my new equipment, so let me tell you a bit more about my methods and space (picture attached) to see what you think I could do better:

I have a 3x3x4.5 space dry-walled in on all sides with a  hatch access door  in one wall.  The hatch has filtered vents, allowing air to flow from a conditioned space through to my 4” can fan and filter in the top of my space and on to the outdoors.

I typically grow 10 autos, each in 2 gallon fabric pots with Promix BX which I hand water with Sensi Grow/Bloom A&B (half strength), Voodoo Juice, some B supplement and CalMag.  I have heard you guys knock the “fancy bottles”, but on this scale, cost is not an issue, and I hate adjusting pH.  What can I say, AN’s “pH perfect” marketing sucked me in.  My thinking changed when I heard Scotty explain that among the many benefits of Recharge is not having to adjust the pH of your water.  So this grow cycle, I am going to put that to the test.

I just popped 15 auto seeds (5 of which will be culled) and all of them received Recharge in their first watering and will get Recharge every time from here on out.  Half the plants will be fed my old go-to nutrient line – Dynagro – with Recharge and no pH adjustment, and the other half of my plants will be fed my normal Sensi regimen just with Recharge replacing Voodoo Juice.

From your previous episodes, I have become interested in possibly switching to coco or mixing coco into my Promix, but I still don’t feel totally comfortable that I understand all the tradeoffs.  I really like that Promix BX is easy  – I don’t like to do much amending because taking the soil outdoors to mix has brought pests into my grow once in the past.  Also it only needs watering about once a week and I never have to worry about variations in soil composition nor fungus gnats in my soil.  (I’m looking at you Fox Farm!!!)

I like the control and consistency that comes with growing in inert media with salt-based nutrients, so how might I benefit from Coco or other similar medium to my grow without sacrificing simplicity?  Also I have heard Scotty talk about having success with Canna nutrients and plan to give them a run later this year, unless you have other recommendations.

Genetics-wise, I have had the best results over the years with Auto Seeds’ higher yielding cultivars – Candy Kush, White Widow, Girl Scouts, etc.  You guys have me thinking my next seed purchase should be of photosensitive varieties, but I am just overwhelmed with number of options on the market.  I just want some chill smoke that will give a large yield and won’t give me any height problems.  Obviously I have some height restrictions, but in general, why grow taller than 2 feet if that’s as deep as you can get light into the canopy?  What would you guys recommend genetics-wise that I can easily obtain?

Finally, on the light front, I wondered how you guys would approach adjusting the spectrum of my light throughout my grow.  My seedlings are currently under a RED : WHITE : BLUE ratio of 1:5:5.  I plan to slightly increase reds throughout the grow with a 1:4:4 ratio in veg slowly working up to a 1:1:1 by week 3 of flower.  I plan to push up intensity gradually as well, based on the max possible while maintaining proper leaf temps.

So that’s my situation and questions guys.  I’ve heard Scotty say a space similar to mine should be kicking out a pound per grow, but my record to date is 11 ounces.  Please show me the way to beat that record, get those extra 5 onions and hit my first 1 pound harvest!  Thanks in advance!  You guys rock!