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Good morning DGC, so I’m pretty sure I know the answer to my question but I’ll throw it out there just to confirm. So I got through my first grow, all in all happy with it. I never did get the amber trichomes everyone talks about even though I let it go 10 days over what the breeder said it should be done at. Anyhow, I chopped anyway. Hung whole plant at 55RH the first 2 days then at 63Rh the last 8. Got to the point where I was getting a stem snap, but not pop so went ahead and bucked them down. Jarred them up and my meters showed they were already too dry at 55%. I added a few leaves and they eventually got up to about 59ish. So my dank smell isn’t coming back at all. Which really doesn’t matter as I’m making tincture with most anyways but just trying to learn here. I’m sure my main problem was low RH before the chop. I was averaging about 26% in flower the whole time, ya ya I know that isn’t optimum. That will be fixed next round, but again I was happy to get to harvest for my first run. So I think my bugs probably stated to cure before the chops with such low RH, paired with running them longer than I probably should have therefore burning off valuable terps. I got the dry tent dialed in with temps,Rh,and ventilation. But I think it was too late.  Buds still look sugary, just kinda hay smelling. Just an average dude trying to figure it out. Any advice is appreciated. Oh ya I also forgot I had the carbon filter in the tent sucking pretty hard,cooling glass hood, so that probably sucked off some dank smell too. Which is what’s its supposed to do I guess lol. Way too long, hopefully it doesn’t deter any of the masters from responding. Growers love everyone 🤙🏻🤙🏻