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Hey DGC this is about my 6th Harvest, my second one using synthetics and this I’d the first time that I’ve had plants with very little or no smell unless touched or sticking your nose in it. There loaded with trichomes and look dank but they definitely could be a little fatter. I think I went a little to hard on the pruning and stunted the buds. I dunno if that would effect the smell tho as well? I’m in Tupur Coco with 20% worm castings using the New Mill secret sauce. They are all different strains as well. Great White Shark- from Growers Choice and the Skunk Hero by Ethos are in week 7, the Cherry Poppins by DNA Genetics is in week 6 and the GMO Zkttkles by Ethos is in week 4 and has the most smell which oddly smell more citrus than GMO.

I’ve heard it could be Genetics or just how some strains are but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something that will negatively effect any future grows.

Thanks DGC!

TurpBurglar ✊💨🤙