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What’s good DGC,

I’m trying to set up a perpetual no-till garden with 3 separate compartments in my basement, for the sake of having consistent clean meds, preserving some of my favorite genetics, and eventually to start breeding down the road. I’ve got some decent organic growing experience – 2 rounds running 1-2 plants indoor in a very cheap setup, and 4 seasons of outdoor, and I’ve managed to pull some good dank from every round so far – the thing is I’m not good with the technical stuff for indoor… At all. I just shelled out for 2 packs from Neptune, so I really want to dial it in and maximize my results this time around so I can get my money’s worth now that I can do it legally here in MA. The issue is my budget is pretty tight so I’m doing as much DIY as I can, and trying to not buy things I don’t 100% need.

Anyway, my question is how many watts of LED would I need to cover a 6.5′ x 4′ flowering area, and for the veg area, how many watts of T5 fluorescent to cover 3.5′ x 4′?

Along with that, any suggestions on air exchange for that sized room, whether or not exhaust is needed, and just general tips for the whole small-scale perpetual setup would be very much appreciated. Like I said, I’m really not good with the technical stuff, but I do need to order my equipment soon so I can get growing.

Apologies for the long-winded question, but I also wanted to add that I appreciate everything you guys do for the cannabis community! Peace