This is my first grow ever. Thanks to you guys for the inspiration for me to go ahead and start my own. But I am still learning and seeking some guidance from the gurus. I have a strawberry cola fast feminized seed I’ve planted I’m on week 6 running the GH Flora Series and been doing a medium feed for the past two weeks. But still seems to show signs of deficiency. I literally just transplanted today from 6” peat pots to 5 gallon fabric pots and used great white on the roots to reduce stress and stimulate  them going into their final home. I always make sure I’m on point with my pH which is 5.8 because I’m using coco coir Royal Gold Tupur to be exact. I planted my Hulkberry the same exact day and been doing all the same things and it’s showing the same exact signs. I’m gonna post pics below. First two are the Strawberry Cola, the second two will be the HulkBerry. Please help me if you can.