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What’s going on guys/gals. I wanted to share my first grow results on here. This was my first “official” grow using an indoor grow tent and a pretty basic setup. I started with a 2x2x4 Topolite tent off amazon and used 2x 150w leds. I didn’t use any nutes and used tap water. Like I said this was my first grow and I chose autoflowers as my flowering and used lowryder #2 seeds from Seedsman Seeds. I used 1 gal plastic nursery pots and a mix of coco/ perlite that I buffered overnight. **I did not however add any cal/mag or other nutrients that should have been used later in the grow** I was trying to see what i could get using basic setup at about $160. (This is an indoor because of living situation in Devils country, Ga) so growing outdoors wasnt an option i wanted to risk.

I’m going to post some photos of week 1-5, and flowering week 7 and pre harvest. All together with 2 plants i got a 29g wet and didn’t get final weight. it wasn’t much.. What I learned from this grow was really how to water properly and just see the general growth of an autoflower. Today I have 6 girls going and this time around have a nutrient feeding schedule with advanced nutrients Sensi Grow and Bloom for Coco as my base and other synthetics such as bud candy, big buds, B-52 and flawless flush.  I will post that grow next time around. this last one was mainly to get my feet wet. and here’s the photos below.