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Hey Crew,

    I wanted to share a couple new products meant to be used while doing Low Stress Training with Cannabis. Although some people feel these products are more of a gimmick, I thought it was cool that they advertised specifically for cannabis. None of that “increase your tomato yield by this much!” shit, they’re just shootin’ straight. I hope to see more companies do the same.

The OG Spring (OG Spring Website)

The OG Spring is marketed as “an LST Super-Tool” on it’s website, and was the  first of the two gadgets to gain my attention. In layman’s terms, it’s a metal spiral-type thing you put on a stake, to which you can tie down your plants. As it grows, you tie the new growth down, which basically makes it branch off to create another top, which will eventually get tied down as well, repeating the process.  This is referred to by the company as “Apical Tuning.” They come in two sizes and are pretty cheap, at $7.50 for the small and $9 for the large, it may be worth trying.

I reached out to OG Spring on instagram and they were kind enough to send me a sample of each size, I haven’t had a chance to put them to use yet, but in the next few days I’m poppin some seeds that are destined for some “Apical Tuning Goodness”

The Stem Trainer (Stem Trainer Website)

The second product I wanted to share is called “The Stem-Trainer.” Instead of spending two paragraphs trying to explain it, I’ll tell you what the site says: “The Stem Trainer uses multiples of a single part to link together into a semi rigid splint.  The connection point is indexed for multiple position rotation.” It basically acts as a support for the branch while also training it.  I should also mention they suggest using rubber bands when fastening to ‘reduce stress.’ There are a couple of situations mentioned on the site that I think help set it apart from your average rope and wire LST. One, it says it can help train your plant to support heavier yields… The second is the use as a splint to mend broken branches. When I emailed them asking permission to use some pictures, and link to their site on my post, they offered to send me a sample as well!

I’ve got both products and will be sharing my results as I try each product out. Until then, stay red eyed, smiley, and keep that shit irie! 

PS Momma Saint says “Bring the Dank, Yo diggity!”