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First, let me start by shouting out a HUGE thank you to DGC! You Dudes have taught me so much, it’s only appropriate I thank you for all your help.

I had some good genetics Power Plant seeds that I grew in my outfitted cabinet. Two of them never germinated so I quickly germ’d two bag seeds which I had labeled “Lucid Dream” from the bag I got them in. The two “Lucid Dream” plants that grew looked almost nothing like the bud they came from. (Which looked more like a Blue Dream)  But these buds are literally covered in trichomes! I’m wondering if the plant that I got the seeds from was pollinated by a White Widow or something? I really have no idea. Either way, in the end, I ended up with the frostiest buds I’ve ever grown and the densest as well. The top colas literally feel like rocks, as you are barely able to squeeze into the bud an 1/8 of an inch. I’m close to trading my Sharpstone grinder for a chainsaw at this point. The high is almost debilitating and I’m an all day – every day guy.

I’ve never grown a bag seed before and had no idea what to expect. From what I hear, it can be hit or miss – But I’ll hit this dank any day!

Thanks again for all the info you guys put out. There are a lot of us out there who truly appreciate it.

Toppy McShelferton

“Grow Big and Grow Home”