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Hey dgc so I’m in the middle of week 6 of flowering 2 white widows and 1 kosher kush and am noticing alot of purple in the stems and burns on the edges of some leaves that seem to start as a yellowing and then burn I’m using a supersoil however not sure of the mag content I’m sure calcium is fine cause all of veg I used rx green solutions energy which is 4% calcium however don’t believe I’ve supplemented mag before so my question would be does this look like a mag def? And secondly is it to late to do anything about it does it even matter at this point? And third I have some general hydroponics cal mag in a water bottle a friend gave me anybody know the proper amount I should mix per gallon? Thanks for your help guys¬†1480413437539404114629148041350576612532836331480413558318-2108147541