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What up DGC first of just want to say what a amazing podcast and grow community you guys have cooked up I started growing back in the day like scotty and yourself old school tactics A and B schedules before all this led and big nutes company’s came on the scene I stopped growing and only started again a coupe years ago and started taking it a bit more serious when I found tour podcast. Now not meaning to blow smoke up your ass but I  actually owe all I know down to you guys and this amazing podcast especially guru. I mean come on did you guys create him in a lab he’s like a android full of knowledge. Due to my near photographic and echeotic memory I pass on the knowledge with ease and have become so what of a guru myself within my own community and have my own following on telegram that bombard me with grow qs and help questions on a hourly basis but it’s the DGC and guru knowledge that I’m spreading as I inform more and more people to listen to the show when they ask how do I know all this about these amazing plants I tell them straight listen to the podcasts and watch the show man. So first time poster long time listener and would love to become a patron as I’m so interested in doing a magnetic run with grow dots so a quick question can grow dots be delivered to ireland if so I’ll be on the patron list this week coming just let me know somehow and I’m in. So here’s my dank one of my magnetic structured grows I made a belt that contains 8 neodymium magnets arranged in such a way that alm the south poles are facing down and inwards forcing the tap root straight down like a icicle also changing the angle of the hydrogen bond as the ladies uptake water and nutrients as it passes through the magnetic field created within the centre of the belt at  this grow method allows me to germinate seeds in under 20 hours root out and all and the girls seem to grow with great vigor and health tell me what you think guys I can send you specs to build one or I can send a coupe over for you guys to try on one of your grows. Thank you guys so much for the show you guys keep me company while I weld all day, keep doing what your doing guys stay up stay high and take it dudesssss’s