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Hi all, We have been operating as Maine patients for the last year with our “6” plants and recently ran into the opportunity this year to expand our grow into an actual facility, 2000 square feet. Maine is a confusing state to get going in but we mimic laws of Colorado. We currently don’t have retail available but medical is there are people local to me that run 50 to 60 plants at a large scale sometimes even more.

My question is what is the best way for me to get my caregivers license or start an actual dispensary store front like some of the existing ones in my state getting this information from state government has so miss information on the process. For example on Instagram/social media, meowy Jane, cupcake cannabis, kind farms ect are all companies in my state local to me that are killing it! None of them are willing to help me get my legal stuff in order even though we have the capital in capacity where would be the best place to start? The end goal is to have an actual storefront by next year after we get through our first big harvest on books. The picture on the post is a sample of our quality.

Atlantic Jungle