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Starting my first serious indoor grow. There was one before this that we wont talk about. I’m looking for anything I may have missed. I have a 4×4 grow tent with a 600 watt hm/hps dimmable hood (super lumens 600, 400, 250 watts) its a vented hood attached to a 6 inch ac infinity carbon filter and 6 inch vivosun inline fan that has speed controller. I have fan pulling air through the carbon filter first, then the hood, then outside the tent to where the fan is located. To control temperature I installed a 8000 btu window unit. My first 3 plants will be Pineapple Express Autos from Fast Buds aka Item #9. They will planted in 3 gallon fabric pots. The medium is fox farm ocean forest mixed 2:1 with perlite and amended with mykos to prevent seedling burn. I placed a solo cup of fox farm light warrior where I will plant seeds for initial growth. They say ocean forest is good for 4 to 5 weeks of growth, then I will start 1/4 strength nutes since autos are sensitive. My nutrient line is the Nector For the Gods sample pack. I have pH pen, tds, and laser thermometer/probe for general water temps and leaf surface temp. I’m dechlorinating water in a bucket for plants hoping to get a water system soon. Tap water is 150-200 ppm at 7 pH. Lots of lime in water. I also took water test free from Home Depot waiting to see results from them. If there is anything I missed please tell me and I’ll try to answer soon as I can. Thanks everybody and the whole DGC community worldwide!