“The Dirty Dabber” has introduced me to a new product by Connoisseur Concentrates called, “The Solution”.  S1ingBlade and I have been making thes vape pens for a couple years using “PEG”.  But now but with the “terpine” product by Connoisseur Concentrates, the pens are SOO much better; twice as potent, in fact.  They taste great; no more P E G after taste.


If you’ve never made pens at all, you should try it.  They are easy to make and oh so convenient.  Once you use one, you’ll leave your messy shatter vape at home.  Practically odorless, we can take them on board the plane in our carry on luggage.  They look no different than e-cigs.


Before, we were using polyethylene glycol to dissolve the shatter.  The pens worked great, however, we had to use too much PEG and the pens were weak.  Using the real terpins from Connoisseur Concentrates, these pens still aren’t like a full on “dab” hit, but at least you won’t have to carry your chemistry set around with you.  Pull this discrete pen out of your pocket at halftime, a few good hits, and you’ll be satisfied.



I’ve created a full tutorial for you here.  Hope you enjoy: