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Hey Masters of the Grow universe,

Hey DGC been off the grid for a while, getting my new space set up to be a caretaker in and taking on more responsibility as my brother cant take care of his clients anymore so I got them. So now i have to be more in the yield, and efficiency side of things, so i’m hoping you can help me out to become better In these pictures I have three clones, all of them were cut at the same time and rooted at approx the same time and are from the same mother. In one of the clones I have a pretty full canopy and the other two not so much. I’m not sure why that happens as everything has been the exact same with the three ladies. My question is how can i be more consistent in getting the fuller or even more fuller canopy.

Ps. if anyone could hook me up to a link for an automatic watering system, that explains the entire process and build thoroughly, that would be great and i would love you forever