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Hey y’all!! I’m currently getting prepped for a run of autoflowers when my current 5×5 goes to harvest in about a week or so. I want to try my hand at an organic soil and not use my salt nutes for the whole grow. Here’s my plan: 5 gallon fabric pots filled with an evenly mixed soil composed of: 2 gallons Fox Farm Ocean Forest, 1 Gallon of Cyco Coco coir plus perlite, 1 gallon of pro mix peat, and 1 gallon of locally sourced earth worm castings. My idea here is to cut the Ocean Forest so its not as “hot” per say and should avoid burning my little ladies. Could I also amend the medium using some Gaia Green 4-4-4 as it is slow release? Or do I risk burning the ladies doing that? Ideally I’d like there to be enough nutrition in the soil to carry the girls through veg and only top dress with 2-8-4 and a EWC tea once the plants reach flower around week 5 or 6. Thoughts on this? Am I doing too much? Thanks for your help DGC!