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What up DGC…Big Shout Out to Scotty, The Dude and Guru, You guys KickAss!! Love the Show. I’ve been a “Free Member” I know wish I could do more to help support the show but Bill’s come first sorry Fella’s.. But I am a Avid YouTube Subscriber and make sure to help by Commenting and Liking your videos to help the Channels revenue and I have for sumtime now and absolutely love the Knowledge bombs you guys are dropping… The question I have is I just recently purchased sum ReCharge and VerssaTilla liquid organic wormcasting tea for my organic winter crop and I’m wondering if I can steep them and apply them together??.. Any help would be Rad… P.S Thanks Again for putting on such a Informative show and Dropping those Knowledge 💣Bombs💣 keep up the great work fella’z…