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Hey DGC, yes this is my second posted question in 2 days 🙂 but this is an emergency. I have a garden in a greenhouse of 8 plants. 3 fem autos and 5 photos from bag seeds (bruce banner, bc pink, og chem dawg mix) I’ve grown for over 20 years off and on and until the last couple years i’ve only ever used bag seed, so i thought i was quite good at sexing in veg but this one is left me stumped but… i fear its starting to show more balls than just one with a stigma coming out of the open ball which to me means female in veg or at least the possibility of a female still. But the 3 in ground plants are huge and starting to block each other and this one is in the middle, and i could just replace it with a fem auto, but she is huge 🙂 5 ‘ wide 5 ‘ tall, any help will be welcomed good sirs. Thank you DGC for your great content and knowledgeable hosts and guests, keep on keeping on guys.