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Whats up Dude, Scotty, and Guru? Shout out to all the DGC!

I swooped up a Litre of Mammoth P and a couple lb’s of das Recharge the other day at my local hyrdoshop. Love the the recharge and from what I understand and what these eyes are telling me is that Mammoth P and Recharge play nicely together.. Team work make the dreamwork baby!

Fast Forward and I’m approximately 3 weeks into flower in this particular run I have had added 5ml’s of grow more bio-cozyme along with 1.5ml’s per gallon of Mammoth P to my base bloom nutes. Reviewing the Mammoth P application chart this weeks feeding would be the time to ramp up the dosage to 2.5ml’s per gallon so on so forth. Im in 3 gallon coco hempy’s and using blue planet nutrients salt based line at a ratio of 6/9 micro/bloom per gallon other wise known as the “Heads” recipe a spin off of the Lucas recipe..

Now here’s my questions crew….

Proofs in the puddin that Recharge and Mammoth have given great results thus far and complement one another but being so I’m adding an additional enzymatic product “bio cozyme” what sort of relationship is taking place between Mammoth P “bacterial micro-bioreactos” enzymes along side the bio cozyme enzymes is it complimentary? I haven’t noticed anything degrading in the garden only the dank in progress.. Long story short I’m just trying to understand the relationship between the two products and if it’s beneficial to run them together or at this point is it zyme overkill?

I haven’t came across any growers who run both products so any insight would be greatly appreciated..

Lastly what rates are all yall dosing the Mammoth P? I seen David a rep from Mammoth on the growers round table mention to the panel less was more and recommend .5-1ml per gallon the entire grow? As of now I’m following the bottles application chart.. I hit up J.R. Tokin on Instagram and he’s blasting 2ml the entirety of bloom and you know he has the FIRE!! Growmau5 hit his comparison crop with 1ml per gallon and killed it. Seems like so many variables come to play but what rates does the crew recommend?

I appreciate all the info and positive vibes you contribute to the community much homies and DGC..