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All the love to you guys.  Thanks for all the info.  DGC fo-evaaah!

Culling sucks.  I really don’t like it.  But, I want the best bud I can grow.  I have a 4X4 and 2X4 tent respectively with a few spots for nursery growth, special projects, revegging, flowering clones whatever (small scale stuff.

My first round i was so nasty to the seedlings I auto-culled all but the strongest that could survive my torture.  Got great results.  Now that my skills are better I am do damn danty with these babies that they all seem to survive… (for the most part 😉  I would never claim 100% success rate.. but pretty good.

Q:  Is it a hard and fast scientific rule that when you grow 10 plants, the stunted / smaller or slowed growth plants will produce poor quality bud.  Or do I need to flower out every damn plant to see what it could do?

As a late bloomer myself, I have a hard time believing that these smaller plants couldn’t be a diamond in the rough, but I just dont’ have the time or the space to do that for every strain I encounter.

My goal is to have 1-3 strains in a rotation while I expand my search for the next better strain to keep.

Pictured is my Seats Taken Banana OG whatnot from James Bean… THANKS!  Now, should I just kill the lesser three?  🙁