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Mandarin Cookies in Week 5, She has been a pleasure growing. There is a pain in the ass to control, Bubble Runtz invading her space but boy does she shine.

Here are a few Grape Pie’s. All grown under ChilLED Tech 330 Gen 3 w/ UV-a/b Supp. Had more grand mal seizures then I can count on one hand these past three months (Last one was Monday the 1st) so they have WAY to much foliage but cant rewind time and the window was missed. Now I just tie and move shit around and will harvest the top half, chop, then defoliate and cook the bottom longer. These are day 42. With ALOT more all over. Its a pain in the ass to transfer the pics to my PC and I am inept with iphones. I can use my Puffco fine though 🙂

Love y’all DGC! Keep growing this amazing plant! Eat bags of mushies! Don’t be afraid to fry your face off every once in a ego shattering while.