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What is up DGC!! NYC born and raised, been growing for just over 18 months now and i love it. This is the second time im running this strain and i have to say Colin from Ethos genetics knows what he’s doing. Currently day 62 under the Mars hydro FC8000. These 4 phenos are in 7 gal containers with coco perlite mix with some EWC. I’m currently using the hydrolock irrigation system with floraflex nutes in a 20 gal rez. First time trying out crop steering and I’m loving the results. These phenos are stanking like citrus, pine and spice. I love growing and learning anything and everything i can about it especially from this great community u guys created. Much love and ill see y’all at the DGC CUP.  P.S. yes that is a cactus in the corner her name is Audrey and she is the protector of this tent ⛺