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Yo DGC! What is up? Hope everyone is living their best life. I had this pretty girl and thought I’d share a few photos of her. She is in week 9 and getting microbes only at this point. Started dropping the night time temps in week 8 and the colors started popping. Not the frostiest one I’ve grown but she is definitely sufficient in trich coverage. She smells like a sugar cookie with a little orange on the back end.

I grow in mostly coco with a few added organic amendments, some castings, about 20% perlite, and some rock dust. I run Jerin’s secret sauce recipe in either 3 or 5 gallons. The New Mill, Plagron, Silicium combo is legit! I use Recharge and Mammoth P for the microbial life. Microbes have been a gamer changer. Growing is easier and I have less problems when I use microbes in the grow. This girl was grown under 2 135w HLG rspecs in a 32 x 32 inch tent. I also intermittenly supplement with UVb and UVa. The UV comes from 2 t5 24in. Agrowmax pure UV bulbs. They emit 75% UVb and 25% UVa. Definitely a difference maker in trichomes develop and secondary metabolites when all the environmental parameters are on point. Cheers to the Dude, Scotty, Guru, Banner, and the rest of the crew! Happy growing DGC!