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Hey Scotty, Dude, Guru and the whole crew major shout out for the show been listening since my high ass search for marijuana podcast freshman year of college started listening around episode 250. This show gave me the knowledge and motivation to grab my balls and go for it. I grew for 2 years in my dorm room in a 2×4 my college was v relaxed about weed I don’t recommend this for every. Though I did end up growing in the ‘substance free’ dorm when they put me in there by accident :p

Now that I have an apartment and more room to light up I am keeping a mother for the first time in 25 gallon radical bags with dry amendments from builds soil, biodynamic compost, recharge and mammoth p. Under a spectrum king cc 140. My question is this when keeping a mother are there training techniques you use to keep the plant small and producing clones at an optimal rate? I’m having the good problem of my mothers growing to fast. In synthetics you could feed less but in no till that seems like not an option. Super stoked for the learning in public.