Marijuana wax becoming more popular in Oklahoma

Marijuana wax becoming more popular in Oklahoma
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An extremely potent form of marijuana is growing more popular in Oklahoma.

Turning marijuana into “wax” is not a new process; however, since it is easy to make at home and discreet to use, it is becoming more common.

According to Mark Woodward, spokesman for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, the wax-making process is highly dangerous and can be compared to making meth.

“We will ask these manufacturers ‘why are you risking blowing your apartment up and cooking this stuff when it’s very volatile?’ And they’ll say ‘Because there’s a big demand for it,’” Woodward said.

Woodward said the wax is also known as “ear wax,” “dab” or “shatter.”

The wax can contain up to 95 percent pure THC. To put that into perspective, Woodward said the marijuana found on Oklahoma streets typically only has up to 9 percent.

Since marijuana wax and oil can be smoked via E-cigarettes or vapes, there is no smoke and typically no smell unless you’re very close to the person smoking it.

“We’ve seen kids blogging on their social media pages about being in math class, the back of the school bus, sitting in a movie theater, or down the hallway from their parents in the living room (smoking),” Woodward said.

Canadian County deputies recently found several cases of the wax in a Yukon drug bust and it was the first time they had ever encountered it.

In March 2013, an apartment unit near UCO exploded due to a hash oil operation.

Woodward said it is harder to catch wax manufacturers compared to meth manufacturers since meth labs carry much stronger odors, so it is important to call police immediately if you get wind of anyone making marijuana wax in your neighborhood.

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