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Brand new grower here. Was in law enforcement for almost 15 years in New Mexico. Went back to school and became a Registered Respiratory Therapist but then COVID happened and now I am a stay at home dad. I suffer from PTSD and depression everyday and use cannabis to medicate and make my day more manageable. I would love to be able to be self sustainable.

I ruined my first grow because I do not know how to manage the light. I have nothing but contradicting responses when Ive asked people I know or  from things I’ve read.

I am running an AC Infinity 3x3x6 with a Mars Hydro TSW 2000. Manufacturer recommendation says seedling should be 24 inches away from light. 18-24 for Veg and 12-18 for Flower. I cannot afford a PAR meter or anything like that so I just convert a LUX reading to PAR. Its just such a gray area for me because I have no idea when the light should be raised or even lowered and at what PAR. Its extra hard on me because I have to fight the depression demons and try to stay motivated to grow my own medicine when things go wrong. Help me out DGC please. Thank you in advance.