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I heard the dude give away an ingredient for his super secret no spill regimen a few episodes back. He mentioned a product called “massive” and guru said “you’re giving away the tricantonal secret?”

So what’s the deal DGC? Massive is available on Amazon prime for $30 or something. Should I already have this? Is this a salt based nutrient?

It says it’s derived from “bee by products”. I’m assuming then that this is honey or beeswax. Could it be other bee by products? Bee shit? Dead bee carcasses?

If I have bees, can I just drizzle some fresh honey on my medium and get the positive effects of tricantonal?

I also have seen that tricantonal is found in alfalfa tea. If I brew up some tea would I get the same effects as from a product like massive?

There’s my grower thoughts for the day. Put yours in the comments!