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Hello DGC! This is my 2nd indoor run. This girl is Master Kush, an 80% Indica strain made of Hindu Kush, Train Wreck, and Skunk no. 1.  I grew 9 plants in peat, all in 3-gallon pots. I grew them in a 3×3 under a MArs hydro TS2000, then upgraded halfway through flower to a Spider Framer SF4000. I fed them Advance nutes 3 part with their B52, Big Bud, and Flawless Finish.

I am very happy with how they turned out. Only ran into some watering problems early, and I think I had a bit of nute burn as well.

She smells earthy and skunky but has pleasant undertones of floral and berry notes. similar to incense. The Dank really comes through once buds are broken up and can take on a hint of citrus smell well.

Dried them for 2 weeks in a tent at 60/60, just put them into jars for the cure. I am going to exercise patients and only try her once she has been cured!.