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We are entering week 8 of flower with this gal, she’s not that big of a yielder but I am proud of this girl. This plant is so far beyond quality of what my first plant was it’s not even comparable. I have the DGC to partially thank. Though I do wish I could access the discord on my iPhone. Since I switched from android my DGC access got cut so I’ve been driving in the dark the last half of this ride. What this plant is lacking in actual buds it makes up for in trichome count and aroma . I am BEYOND eager to consume this medication. The aroma is something I truly have never encountered before with a cannabis aroma. At first it comes off real stanky, pungent, and sour but then as it lingers in your nostrils it turns into a really sweet and fruity smell it’s two complete opposite’s combined into one. This strain is something special . I can’t imagine the potential of quality medicine this particular cultivar could reach if this was an easy ride and I knew what I was doing with it the entire time. I’m not gonna lie, I tried the easy route. I used “Earth Dust” from The Green Sunshine Company. Which is a heavy myco based product that you only have to water and add tea. It has a base that you have cook with your soil of choice for 4-6 weeks which the soil I choose was my first mistake. I used Happy Frog and as a newb I didnt know much abt soil differences and how happy frog isn’t a soil to carry you from start to finish. Then you add the boost to the top inch of the soil 30 days before flower than 30days after you flip to flower. Which I did not know to use again 30 days AFTER the flip. I watered with Recharge once a week on top of it. Honestly it might’ve been just a waste with so much beneficial myco. Kind of like how some medicines have a ceiling and is pointless at a certain point and doesn’t have any more effect. The breeder website “I love growing marijuana” says this is a 8-9 week strain. Wondering if letting it go longer will get me more product or no its beyond that? So debating letting it go a little longer if it may effect the yield and increase it ? A lot of lessons have been learned here along with me getting a cultivation job in my prohibition land state for one of the medical grower/processors and paying attention to the DGC with everything I learned and still am learning my plants will only get better from this point out.