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Thanks to all you awesome DGC growers, I have decided to go with a sunspectra 315, and 2-4 hortilux uvs at least if not a blue and red probably a combination, also changed to using cannacoco a&b in cococoir in a 12 gallon smart bed in a drain tray for run off, later going to add recharge and maybe mammoth p and silica. Also I found a few in bag seeds of this dank Bruce Banner my local guy grew and going to try and pop those, figured I can use that wimpy little light for seed popping at least, get some kind of use out of it. Just wanted to say thank you guys alot for all your input and I’m happy to be a part of this community that I hope to later contribute to money wise. Once again thank you and have a great day, don’t forget to smoke on.

PS. Some pictures of the Bruce Banner. And a meme I made from ep.471 that made me laugh a lot.