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I don’t know if this is a grow hack. But it’s a super awesome hands-free way to work with a pile of soil if you can to evenly mist it. When you work in it it keeps you cool also. It’s been up to 115 at times in the greenhouse today. I have just simply linked it up in the trusses. Then I have my fan working behind it distributing the mist. You can get missed tips from very fine to quite heavy. I like to get good brass ones. You take better care of stuff when it cost a lot of money. And you keep it forever. It’s cheaper in the long run. And you can find them often at garage sales Goodwill or just finding shit. I just find a lot of stuff. Anyhow, it’s fucking awesome. If you don’t care then whatever. If you do care then it was worth the time and thought. Or if you don’t give a fuck and you at least still tell me that you don’t give a fuck. That would be just as good as if you liked it and did give a fuck. Am I just trying to make Dude talk dirty? Well use this in your grow shack and it will shower you up. Food is medicine. Grow it with the skills you learn along the way to smoking your own!