Hey DGC,

Here is my White Truffle clone I bought from Beleaf cannabis. I believe he is the one to find the original WT which was from a peanut butter breath f2 bred by fresh coast genetics that he pheno hunted for. So I decided to reverse her and make pollen. I got my accoutrements from Amazon and I got my list from this DGC post a while back, Soup put up the link.

Reversal spray

I made my mix and started spraying one week before I flipped her. I sprayed her every 5 days and she is almost in week 3 of flower. I am seeing quite a lot of male flowers popping up the last few days! I have her on super low light and havnt fed her hardly at all. Things seem to be chugging along. So anyone that’s wanting to do some reversals it seems to be easy enough. Cheers.