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Hi DGC! I just wanted to share my recipe for MCT (multi chain triglyceride) oil tincture. I know a true tincture is made with alcohol but that a technicality, this stuff typically hits harder and much quicker than your typical edible because of the way MCT oil is metabolized by your liver. I’m not entirely sure how the biology of it works, maybe Guru can chime in on that. This stuff is also great for the fact that it makes dosing super easy. Once you figure out how much is good for you, it is easily repeated. I enjoy a few CCs in my coffee every morning. The caffeine seems to have a great entourage effect. You can also take it sublingual or use it in baking and cooking. See recipe below. Cheers!


  • 1/8 oz of dry bud or 1/4 oz good quality trim-decarbed
  • 950ml MCT oil – found in most health food stores


  • Fill mason jar 1/3 full with decarbed material.
  • Pour MCT oil in jar to 1″above material and seal jar
  • Place in sous-vide cooker filled with water at 200F for 4 hours. Alternatively use slow cooker. Check temps of your model for low or high heat and get as close to 200F as possible.
  • Remove jars and let cool
  • Strain material over cheese cloth into a bowl.
  • Squeeze out any oil left in material into bowl. I use a potato ricer for this and it works great.
  • Carefully funnel oil into glass dropper bottles and enjoy

**Note** Keep your first couple doses small until you see how it hits you. This stuff can be VERY potent depending on material used. A little goes a long way.