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Hey dudes. What do you think about monster cropping? or Medusa cropping I call it. I have had good success with it but I’d like to hear what you think and when would be the best time to take the cuts? I have an Afghan X Thai, midweek 3 of flower that is looking great but we didn’t keep any cuts from it. I gave them as gifts. Im thinking of taking a Medusa cut and seeing what happens.

I don’t see many growers doing the Medusa crop anymore. Back in the 2000’s we did it out of necessity to save an AK 47 strain and it blew up. Other strains would barely take. I realize it’s not normal and mother nature didn’t intend this but damn if it isn’t fun experimenting!

I am dialing in my current grow and I’m looking forward to posting it and joining the DGC! I’m testing the waters now. I never get any love from these grow podcasts so maybe you’ll be the first! Thanks and keep it growing!

-Agent 47