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Hi DGC! This time I thought I’d show the end product of my newest harvest. Medicine wise, I dab on flower rosin. I love flower but it just doesn’t help with my health issues like concentrates do. So in the lineup, is Melonsicle with a 22% rosin return. Then Sage ‘n Sour with a 17% return. Last but not least is French Macaron with an 18% return. I pressed these at 190°F for 4 mins total but only at full pressure for 2-2.5 minutes. My press is a CRD 20 ton hydraulic press (no bottle jack on this beauty) with 4”x9” plates.  A lot more people are pressing rosin and I’m hearing stories of their rosin tasting bad after the terpenes are gone. This comes from pressing to long and too hot in my opinion. If your looking for the most return you can get by pressing hotter and longer, you will inherently  get weird tasting rosin. T.H.Seeds has great genetics. I definitely recommend them and they are available at seedsherenow.com