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first time I ordered from seeds here now and got 0-10 of the seeds to pop from Humboldt seed co/ collie man kush. so I hit them up and they let me get a replacement pack. so I got some ethos. great customer service. ran one of them last run. ran 3 more on this run and Holy shit this strain stretches. Almost grew right out my tent. of course got q lol bleaching on one bud I saw but not bad considering. 4×4 tent. super chunky and smells like sugar. been mixing my own soil and reusing the last few runs and I’ll never buy potting soil again. using build a soil, kis organics, and down to earth Inputs. some bio ag stuff in my water and hlg 600 r spec. made some inputs as well like jlf, lab, and imo2. the third picture is from a few weeks ago and last pic is my 12×12 bed I made the beginning of the year. Appreciate ya’ll!!! i always have to resubmit these on my phone for some reason ,so this is the shortened version of my details. Keep smoking and growing and watching prohibition fall down!