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Yo! What up DGC? You member? If you know you know. Shout out to the the South Park team for decades of entertainment. And shout out to The Dude, Scotty, Guru and the team for keeping me entertained on the daily!

I wanted to give a little love to Ethos and Colin’s team for consistently putting out some kick ass genetics and being innovators in the industry.

This girl is Memberberry and she is what I typically find from my seeds from Ethos. I don’t pheno hunt. I usually pop a variety of seeds, one or two, at a time. In 2+ years of growing Ethos, the quality of this Memberberry is what I get with almost every seed. She is terpy, frosty, stacks nicely, easy to grow, and is great medicine.

If you have spare $$$ to spend, Ethos just reopened their Multipass which is a lifetime and beyond of yearly seeds and other cool stuff. I have a couple and I consider them some of my best investments.

Keep living your best life DGC. Thanks guys for doing what you do to push prohibition down! Cannabis is a right and should not be a crime!