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Some buds  are red,

Some buds are blue,

These buds are purple

And dank as f&@$ too

I’m a medicine man from medicine land, just looking to do my thing.

I got these tk crosses from my man inspecta, and they make your nostrils sting.

Berries and gas fill up the air, and even down the street….

These flowers are my finest yet, but impossible to be discreet.

These poetic stylings are brought to you for your 4/20 enjoyment, as these flowers so shall be. We do love us some DGC up here in the 603, and we do love growing that organic dank! These flowers are a freeebie throw in from Humboldt CSI, Random triangle kush crosses from feminized seed runs, this one happens to be the mendo purps x tk. Turns out, everything I’ve popped is nothing short of straight fire!  The insepecta’ delivers! Grown in living organic goodness, each run my soil is getting better and more well rounded with life!  Recharge, compost tea, awesome water, under a 315 cmh. These girls have been purple from the start of flower without any prompting, but throw a little crisp early spring northern New England air, and well, she sure is pretty!

I hope everyone has an amazing 4/20, and go find an old hippie this 4/20 and trade some beans, you never know what you might get!!! 

Stay tuned, have a lot more projects in the works from the ‘shire organics crew!

Stay lifted,

Higher in the Shire