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Mephisto 3 bears og autoflower grown in 2×4 ac infinity tent with 3 gal rain science grow bags.   Planted in fox farm happy frog amended with THE GROW DOTS,  top layer of soil BlackGold seed starter. Seeds sowed directly in soil with clear solo cups (100% germ rate)  NOTE: I kept the temperature at 70° after seeds popped to not activate THE GROW DOTS.

Additives were recharge 1/4 strength,  Mammoth p, GH PH down,  and BioBizz bioBloom FPJ ( very little at the end) . Environment was passive intake and out take, under viperspectra xs 2000 (200+ watt light) 45% humidity at 78°.

And last but not least help of the DGC big ups 1 eyed cat cannabis.