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When my ex said I was the smallest person she had ever been with. Where was this bitch then?? Meaning my beautiful Mephisto autoflower of coarse. Ok so joke time over. Ok so this is my Mephisto 24k. She is literally 6 inches tall. (If I point it down and hold the ruler under I’m bigger(to far??) ok so. I know these are fast flowering and 65 days is an extremely short period of time. So I get it. But I truly cannot believe how beautiful this lady is. On my second season or run whatever you want to call it super excited. On a previous post I talked about having a lot going on.  Well it’s all coming around and rotating finally. So I’m excited to say some of my autos are finishing up. Some are just starting. And my photos. Well…. they happy. Well keep it at that. So below I’ll put a picture of my Mephisto auto. I only used dry amendments and recharge. Compost teas weekly. And all under a hlg 300v1. Temps at 72-78 and humidity in tent is 37-48 depending lights on or off. I’ll put some pics of my photo periods as well. But I’m SUPER Happy for this to be my second grow ever and I’m having straight up fun. I’m not saying this to toot your horns but without the DGC I would have never thought I knew enough to start doing this. Thanks y’all y’all rock!! Can’t wait to meet y’all at this years cup!!!