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hai DGC! i just felt like showing off a success here a year in the making. i received 5 seeds as the freebies, 1 wasn’t viable (it turned black) 3 were males and i got 1 lady out of the mix (this is after i received and grew out the sour apples that hermed on me, that’s another story coming up in the near future though.) i took cuts from her to plant in my other bags then flowered it out. so i know my actually harvest numbers would be higher given i had 4 plants growing from the same time. temps were approx 76 as a high and 68 as a low, humidity this time of year here is super low so i had to have a humidifier in the 4×4 tent to keep it up enough during flower (started at 60 moved to 45-50 ish by the end) 6 inch ac infinity to keep everything in check, co2 ppm averaged 800 with no extra added, hlg 300 rspec plus three 48watt led (local brand approx 1.9 umol/j) for 450 watts total. living organic soil (4 different blends check my other post from a while back if you want info on that, the sub cool mix and my own mix seemed best. mz jill mix and the original coots mix did very well too though) it was cycle 2 for these Radicle Bags. 330g trimmed for my 4×4 space (like i said i could do better) and also 6.5g of kief (i like to make coconut honey with it). i smoke approx 2 oz a month so i have faith i’m good till next harvest. thanks DGC for the help to get me to where i’m at.