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What up Dude, Scotty, Guru..!

First, thanks for all of the grow knowledge and conversations. It’s exactly what the Cannabis Community needs (yeah, I proper nouned that shit!).

I think the best way to keep the money-minded groups from taking advantage of the legalization of Cannabis is to have a culture of GYO; Grow Your Own!

To my question…I just watched The Dude’s video on fungus gnats, (your “pronunciations” are all good with me Dude 😜)…and this is the first time I’ve heard of the Microbe-Lift product. I get a lot of fungus gnats in my area in July-August then they disappear in September when it starts getting colder. I had a run-in with them and was only able to get past it by killing all the life in my soil (that was also due to other factors I wont get into).

Question: do you think it would work to start using the 2 drops per gallon when the gnats are populating outdoors as part of my IPM program?


Is this a product that is not bad to use, but you’d rather not if you dont have to? Are there negative effects?

Thanks in advance!

PS. Scotty, please let me know if my name is a micro-aggression and I’ll gladly change it😇

Much Love!