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So i am new to using organics to grow my herb, this is what i’m using currently as additives to my soil: Roots organics uprising grow, Roots organics grow tea, Roots organics uprising bloom, Roots organics bloom tea, Dr earth bloom booster, Roots organics foundation, Roots organics elementals, Recharge, extreme mykos, npk grow and bloom microbes. I add a little npk amino acid, npk enzymes, npk silica, npk kelp, npk potassium and I add a little Humbolts bees every 3 weeks. Red wigglers + night crawlers in the 7 gal fabric pots, insect fraz stuff 2-3-3 slow release it says and they are cricket skins,hp pro mix bx + perlite. I pre made my own mix with all my dry amendments. Water = ro water 5 ppm 7.14 pH I Do Not pH My Water, Natures bliss humic acid, cover crop is yarrow, red clover and alfalfa.

I keep seeing everyone say to add microbes weekly, i add my recharge weekly, both my npk grow and bloom microbes as well, where in lies my question, are these microbes all dying off so i need to add more every week? is the life cycle of all these microbes really short? i always make sure my dirt’s moist so they are happy little microbes, every 3 weeks i add a little Humboldts organic all natural bees to it for extra microbe food. its expensive to buy these microbes all the time. my plants are growing like crazy with zero issues, i can understand if it isn’t broke don’t f with it, but if i can save some money by going lighter on my microbe amounts i add or less often that would rock. This is the best place in the world to ask a question, i love being DGC, thank you everyone for all you do to make the DGC so awesome to be in.