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Aye what’s up DGC. First off let me thank the crew and community for the know how on pushing these dank flowers. Appreciate everything! Ok to my question…. Microbes… other than maybe a waste of yen, does feeding microbes every other or every watering help break down these dry amendments which in turn I’ll speed up the nutrient uptake if environment is spot on? Will you need to top-dress sooner?? Running at 79° environment, 76° leaf surface and humidity at 56%. Vpd fluctuates between 1 and 1.2 day and night. Should I feed heavier also? Sorry that’s 3 questions but I’m on some fantastic flower and about 6 Coronas in haha!! My initial question was should I slow down on the Recharge? Are my plants getting the benefit or is just Scotty?? Lmfao!!! I don’t give a fuck Scotty!!! I’m still buying 3 pounds a year for 2 2×4 tents bc I support anyway I can!!! Thanks again for the fucking stellar community fellas!