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Hey DGC,

I feel I understood better how microbes work in soil, but I switched to 70/30 coco/perlite soilless grow this time using bottled nutes, and I’m wondering about the efficacy of adding microbes.

I have an automatic feeding system where I water up to 5x during lights on, and I’ve been having really good results, but I’m thinking about adding microbes into the mix, specifically Recharge and Mammoth P. But how do the microbes stay in the coco when I’m watering to some runoff 5x a day? In soil, I never watered to runoff for the purpose of not washing away the microbes. In coco, it seems all I would be doing is washing away the microbes each watering cycle.

Could someone help me understand how the microbes work in a coco DTW system compared to soil and if it’s just as beneficial?

Another thing is the application of these microbes in a DTW system.  Would I just dose the microbes per the bottle’s instructions and fill my reservoir? Or better to hand water these in once a week or something like that, keeping them out of the reservoir?