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Hey there guys! the guys at my dispo i grow at had me start listening to you and your podcast love the info you guys give i’m definitely a fan. I’m just now starting to get into no till growing and everything seems to be going great and everybody’s happy. Can I use organic baby food to feed my microbials and my worms in my soil? The microbials eat organic matter and I would just think that if I gave them pureed baby food it would be more available and accessible to them instead of them breaking it down as a solid like carrots, bananas, peas, ect. I can just kind of put it on top of my soil as a top dress and then pour my tea i brewed on top and it will water down the baby food and it will go straight into my soil where the microbes can just eat it up along with the worms. I’ve done research on this but haven’t found anything about it on Google. Thought it might be a question that interests you guys.