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Hey There DGC,

User Name is pronounced Nuh-Blast-Yuh-Nice, The Dude slaughtered it during the claw game last month lol.

Just wanted to send a thank you to Scotty, The Dude, and the whole DG collective.  You guys made my dream a reality.  I’m a first-time solo-grower deep in prohibition land.  I’ve had some exposure to growing earlier in life.  When I met my wife 10 years ago in Washington, she was blowing up her rental house with six thowies and some of our earliest dates were me volunteering for trim jail.

After that we moved to states with much less chill and have been out of the loop for 8 or 9 years, but I have always wanted to run my own smaller-scale grow.  With COVID forcing me to turn into a hermit, I figured there was no time like the present and found the Dude Grows YouTube channel and you all gave me the motivation and confidence to pop the seeds I’d been hoarding for years.

It was a rough ride, but my wife was willing to help on her off time and the DGC discord came to the rescue everytime the ladies were struggling.  I used the following setup:

  • Zazzy (Amazon) 5×5 Grow Tent
  • 2x 240W KingBrite QB 3500K LEDs
  • 1x 100W SpiderFarmer SF-1000 QB LED
  • COCO medium with a mix of Roots Organic Amendments, supplemented with a Fox Farm trio
  • Recharge, Recharge, & more Recharge
  • 8x 5gal fabric pots & 2x 3gal fabric pots
  • 6″ generic can-fan
  • DIY reservoir and auto watering system

I ran seeds from a popular European seedbank that shall remain nameless, along with the SHN free seeds.  I ran Seats Taken (Best Coast), Blue Dream, OG Kush, Critical Mass, Strawberry Cough, and a mystery seed.  Everything went very smooth at first, despite me cramming 10 plants into a 5×5 and running 6 different strains.  In week 5 my wife spotted a seed and I found countless more upon closer inspection.  All the plants were female, so I knew there was a hermie in the mix. I had taken the girls out regularly for inspection, but I just missed it.  I thought about chopping, but Coach Steve & StonedTroutBum convinced me it wasn’t the end of the world and I brought it through until harvest.  I found out during harvest that those expensive pricey import seeds were the source of the pollen.

My yield definitely suffered, but I ended up with about 18.5 ounces of dank nugz, cured and trimmed.  The free Seats Taken seeds from Seeds Here Now actually ended up being the dankest.  The yield was much better than expected despite the herm action.  My wife loves it and my veteran buddy who has some physical pain and PTSD from his time in the military has gotten some significant relief from my harvest.  It makes it well worth the work and stress.  Thank you all for your help, I couldn’t have done it without the community.

I’m currently gearing up for a another run.  Don’t tell my wife I’m washing the fabric pots in the washing machine.  This time I’ll be finding some better genetics.

Thanks again, I’ve found a home here with the DGC.